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Pre-Sales Engineering


The Cloud represents a profitable and fast growing segment in professional services. ComAdvisors provides you with a strong Presales Engineering team to guide and assist you in identifying opportunities, presenting compelling proposals and answering customer objections.

Our engineers are available to you at no additional charge.

What We Provide

We manage the complexities of Carrier Relations.
Excellent Support to our Sales Partners through the entire sales process and Cloud services.
We have Resources and Personals who can do research for your Business and Applications.
We Provide precise Solution Design.
Project Management of Work for Sales Partners, Associates.
Provide professional onsite Installation and Training.
Equipment and Professional Services.
Supplier Interoperability Testing and Vetting.

Our Key members

Lead I.T. Infrastructure & Cloud Services Engineer

Paul “Trey” Kenner, Paul is a seasoned I.T. professional with 18 years in effectively architecting complex I.T. systems and effectively resolving stubborn problems. He is responsible for supporting you from the nuts and bolts of I.T. and cloud management and supporting your sales process towards securing your sale by addressing customer concerns in ways that non-technical business owners find useful.

Lead Telecom Engineer

Nick Brazukas, Nick has been resolving and reverse engineering telecom systems for over 15 years. He has effectively installed thousands of systems and has resolved issues that the manufacture engineers could not. He is responsible for supporting your pre-sales engineering on all things telecom.

Carrier Relations

Dean Lemons, Dean ran the porting department at Comcast and also at Star2Star and has over 12 years in managing the complexities of Carrier Relations, managing Letters of Authority (LOA) Circuit Facility Availability and Assignment, Number Porting, Provisioning with precision and courtesy. He is responsible for supporting your carrier relations management.

Call ComAdvisors @ (941) 256-3939 or email your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Email ComAdvisors your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.CONTACT US