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Why ComAdvisors

The three major partners that founded ComAdvisors each come from a different discipline. After looking in detail at what has been missing or frustrating for them in dealing with other master agents and providers, each bring a fresh and powerful new point of view to this industry.

What You Can Count On:

Accurate Commissioning

Every Time, On Time

Strong Contracts

Thoughtful, Fair

Expert Engineering

5 Senior techs with 100+ years of installing, configuring, repairing experience IT and Telecom Infrastructure

Best Practices Guidance

Increase your net profits Increase Recurring Revenue Have a profitable exit strategy

ComAdvisors Partners:


Raj Doraisamy, CPA, from the school of Business at Oral Roberts University. In the back office of many Master Agents you will find spreadsheets, manual processes and contract negotiations that are more about sponsorship dollars than the nuances of what the provider means when they say evergreen. Raj is both a CPA and an IT operations designer.


Joe Rhem, a Computer and Information Scientist from Georgia Tech, founded Star2Star communication in his Garage in 2004 where he developed the original working prototype of the Starbox. Joe then spent the next ten years building the distribution channel working directly with thousands of Interconnects, MSPs and Telecom agents.


David Lenosky, Dave ran his own Interconnect and Telecom Agencies over the past 30 years and also spent several years at Star2Star delivering sales training and developing the master agent channel. He has seen both sides of this business and what seems to be missing from most of the master agents is effective sales training and support.

What We Do

On-Time Accurate Payment

You operate a business to make a profit and a legacy. Cash flow is crucial. We get that. And that is why your commissions are paid accurately on time, all the time.

Clear Transparent Commission Reporting

Reports designed for a business person not an accountant. They are clear and easy to read. All the detail for you and your sub-agents is available on demand 24/7 in our ComAdvisor Cloud and or via email.

Reliable Accounting

Accuracy matters. Our CFO is a CPA and our accounting team uses GAAP practices to maintain reliable records.

Fast and Easy quoting Process

The quoting process should not get in the way of you closing a sale to meet your customers needs. We have the best of breed quoting system, available to you 24/7 on your pc or mobile device.

More Green To Your Bottom Line

Simply put, we use our 3 decades of experience in telecom and telecom negotiation to get you the best possible prices, maximize your commissions, and put more profits in your bottom line.

Keep Promises

We keep our promises. We use our relationships at senior levels with the largest suppliers to hold suppliers to their promises.

It’s Your Reputation

Your reputation takes years to build. So we scrutinize our suppliers to connect you with proven companies with a history of reliable delivery.

Escalate to Resolution (ETR)

When something breaks, your customer needs it fixed. With our ETR and Rapid ETR Program we don’t just escalate, but we Escalate to timely Resolution in your favor.

Best Customer Solutions

It’s your customer. You can provide the best solution to meet your customer's needs from the ComAdvisor Dashboard with just a few clicks. No pressure, no manipulation.

Protecting Your Business

This industry changes rapidly as old suppliers merge and new companies enter the market. Thoughtful and careful contract negotiation is required to minimize the impact these changes have on your business. ComAdvisors makes that legal investment in negotiating strong contracts on your behalf.

What We Deliver to You

Senior Sales Engineers

Access to senior technicians with over 15 years of experience in installing, configuring and repairing systems

Access source on demand 24/7

Our quoting web portal is constantly updated with new suppliers, the best pricing available and, current special promotions. You can access the results of our efforts with just a few clicks from your computer or mobile device, in your office or in front of a customer

Predictable Cash Flow

You can view your volume and predict your commissions at anytime. You will always receive your money on time.

Strong Contracts to protect your interests

Your agreements with our suppliers have been thoughtfully written from an interconnect point of view, minimizing the impact of supplier changes and mergers.

Insightful Reports

You need timely intelligence on your business operations to compete. The ComAdvisors portal dashboard gives you 24/7 access to reports specifically designed to give you visibility to current, past and upcoming business

24/7 access to your Business Information

Access quotes, orders, prospects, notes from our portal for you and your sub agents.

ComAdvisors Best Practice Institute

Learn best practices in the management and expansion of your business and discover how to boost recurring revenue while increasing your company value for legacy.

MSP In a Box from Wired

Add highly profitable and scalable services to your business. Sell managed services and get paid for the monitoring and management of your customers computer systems, printers, mobile devices, security and software.

NOC Access

Access for you and your customers to the Wired IQ 24/7 365 NOC (Network Operations Center) who will remotely monitor and manage your MSP customers for you.

24/7 365 Easy quoting and ordering

Quickly quote, configure and deliver Best of Breed systems with 99.999 % uptime and proven inclement weather failover recovery from your computer or mobile device

Call ComAdvisors @ (941) 256-3939 or email your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Email ComAdvisors your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.CONTACT US