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Who Are The ComAdvisors

The three major partners that founded ComAdvisors each come from a different discipline. After looking in detail at what has been missing or frustrating for them in dealing with other master agents and providers, each bring a fresh and powerful new point of view to this industry.


Raj Doraisamy,  CPA, from the school of Business at Oral Roberts University. In the back office of many Master Agents you will find spreadsheets, manual processes and contract negotiations that are more about sponsorship dollars than the nuances of what the provider means when they say evergreen. Raj is both a CPA and an IT operations designer. He has created a back office that is completely paperless where you can quote, sell and order products electronically. We interact with our providers with live APIs. Your customer is able to sign electronically and your commissions are calculated, reported on and paid electronically. In addition, our entire marketing and knowledge base is online and available to you 24 hours a day. That is not to say that we are absent from the business.
We always answer the phone or call back within minutes to make sure that we never miss an opportunity to interact with you.


Joe Rhem,  a Computer and Information Scientist from Georgia Tech, founded Star2Star communication in his Garage in 2004 where he developed the original working prototype of the Starbox. Joe then spent the next ten years building the distribution channel working directly with thousands of Interconnects, MSPs and Telecom agents. What struck him during this time was that most of the master agents lacked real strong technical leadership. They did not have certified presales engineers that really understood the pro and cons of the provider’s solutions and couldn’t contribute to choosing the right solution to help quote or design the deal. That’s is why today we have 5 certified technology professionals on staff including Joe to help choose the right provider, design the right solutions, help sell the solution to the customer and perform effective post-sale follow up.


David Lenosky,  Dave ran his own Interconnect and Telecom Agencies over the past 30 years and also spent several years at Star2Star delivering sales training and developing the master agent channel. He has seen both sides of this business and what seems to be missing from most of the master agents is effective sales training and support. To simply introduce the Agent to several providers and then expect that to be the end of the Master Agent’s participation in the sales process is not earning your place at the table in our opinion. ComAdvisors provides complimentary sales training, pre sales webinars, quoting support and will even help you negotiate with the provider and sell to the customer. Dave has worked both sides of the street in this business and he will work side by side with you to make sure you succeed.
We schedule webinars online and provide live engineering support to the sales process including information support and quoting assistance. Joe and I personally negotiated each of our provider contracts we understand every term and condition and have held out for the protection of the revenue stream rather than for more party money and leisure time to play golf. We are working for your and our retirement and that is why these agreements need to be iron clad. If there is one thing that everything my life’s work points to it is a commitment to impeccable integrity and accountability.


Lead I.T. Infrastructure & Cloud Services Engineer

Paul “Trey” Kenner, Paul is a seasoned I.T. professional with 18 years in effectively architecting complex I.T. systems and effectively resolving stubborn problems. He is responsible for supporting you from the nuts and bolts of I.T. and cloud management and supporting your sales process towards securing your sale by addressing customer concerns in ways that non-technical business owners find useful.

Lead Telecom Engineer                 

Nick Brazukas, Nick has been resolving and reverse engineering telecom systems for over 15 years. He has effectively installed thousands of systems and has resolved issues that the manufacture engineers could not. He is responsible for supporting your pre-sales engineering on all things telecom.

Carrier Relations                   

Dean Lemons,  Dean ran the porting department at Comcast and also at Star2Star and has over 12 years in managing the complexities of Carrier Relations, managing Letters of Authority (LOA) Circuit Facility Availability and Assignment, Number Porting, Provisioning with precision and courtesy. He is responsible for supporting your carrier relations management.

Call ComAdvisors @ (941) 256-3939 or email your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Email ComAdvisors your question or interest today and we will respond within 48 hours, guaranteed.CONTACT US